Welcome to B2 Off the Hook!

Hello world!

I really appreciate your stopping by to visit and review the musings of an eclectic curmudgeon.  While I have been involved in the internet since the jump from 14.4 to 28.8 was considered radical, I am a novice to blogging.

Please bear with me as I get up to speed!  I hope to reward you with the insights of one who has experienced many things and regularly asked why?  Or, has been in situations where the thought that there ought to be a better way comes cascading from my thoughts.

My plan for this site is to discuss all things near and dear to me (and hopefully to you) while providing a platform for interaction between many of us.  Fair game will be politcs, business, education, sports, relationships and Williams Syndrome.

Give me a little time to get this up and going and I hope you will be pleased by what you read.