Land of the Aloof and Home of the Arrogant

Reporting again from North of the Border from the lovely and  tranquil city known as Ottawa.  I have never been in a city so lovely and bucolic.

When you are here it is hard to believe that it is a Capital City.  Women out walking the streets at night without escorts? Cops, not on every corner? Your kidding! NO I’M NOT!!!! And then there is the U. S. Embassy.  An embarrassment to us all.  Other embassies may have fences but not to the extent that they are fortress like.  Cool exteriors,  not like the citadel called the U.S. Embassy.  Visible guards, only the U.S. Embassy.  Walk thru the door into a phone booth sized vestibule and you’re immediately met by a guard, who is less than congenial and the truly American “Metal Detector”.  You aren’t even greeted with the simplest restaurant salutation ” Good Afternoon, how may I help you”.  And we wonder why people chafe at the mention of America and take joy at our difficulties. Hell, I even had cabbies say they only wanted “Canadian” not American dollars.

How far we have fallen and we only have ourselves to blame.  What we have done in the name of “security” is obscene and we, the lemmings, have allowed this to happen.  We have ceded to the paranoid the need to “protect” us and they have created an ugly and suspicious ring around all those things that are supposed to be American in the name of America and Freedom, which rings more like a dime store wind chime than a bell.

So let your representatives know that we are tired of being humiliated and embarrassed by their hubris.  While we must remain vigilant we must cease to be arrogant and projecting a prickly persona to those who are our friends.

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